The Strengthening of Teachers’ Eq in Facing Various Changes in the Educational Environment

This research aimed to discover the contribution of competencies in the formation/development
of a teacher’s emotional intelligence or EQ. In this quanitative research with a survey, 36 out of 40
teachers in SMP X in Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia participated as the sample. Methods of data
analysis used simple correlation and regression analysis. The results showed that: a) there was a positive
and strong correlation between teachers’ EQ and teachers’ competencies (correlation coefficient
R = 0.730), indicating that the higher the competencies of a teacher, the higher the emotional intelligence.
b) Competencies contributed to 53.2% of the construction/development of teachers’ emotional
intelligence, while the remaining 46.8% referred to other factors (external factors). c) Teachers’ EQ level
can be improved by enhancing teachers’ competencies (pedagogical, personal, and social
competencies). d) Enhancement of teachers’ competencies, including pedagogical, personal, or social
competencies, should be continuous to better their’ emotional intelligence, thus preparing them to deal
with rapid changes in the educational environment.

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Iffah Budiningsih, Tjiptogoro Dinarjo Soehari & Casriyanti